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Our story

In 2016 2 of our owners Jon and Leanne were involved in the grand opening of Hollywood Cones first location. At that moment they both new that not only did they have the love and desire to eat ice cream but now had the option to be involved in making it . Leanne and Jon continued to do events for the openings of the Hollywood Cone Franchise . In 2017 Leanne was hired as corporate manager to the Whitby Hollywood Cone and Oshawa Center . In early 2018 Jon and Leanne officially started their own company Mascots N More Entertainment. During 2018 they did alot of fundraiser and free family fun days with Hollywood Cone Whitby. With the closing of Toronto and Oshawa Center locations in 2018 things started to go downhill for Hollywood Cone Franchise. In late 2018 they purchased the Whitby Hollywood Cone knowing that they could continue to be charitable to the community and turn the business back around . Early 2019 they had plans to locate closer to regular customers and re brand as the lease was coming to an end. With Mascots N More growing so quickly a helping hand would be needed . In May 2019 they had their closest friend and Mascots N More fundraising and events right hand helper come on board . Luckily for them Andrew had a background in construction. Andrews training started right away and shortly after we started to build Cones and Characters . On Nov 3 2019 we officially opened our Scarborough location . We have had a long journey and built from the ground up. Our whole team is devoted to helping the community and we cant wait to serve you the greatest Ice cream around 

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